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Diagnosi di reale rischio oncologico di cancro alle ovaie
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Diagnosi di reale rischio oncologico di cancro alle ovaie
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Notoriously, ovarian cancer kills approximately 15.000 women in the United States every year, and more than 140,000 women worldwide. Most deaths from ovarian cancer are caused by tumours of the serous histological type, which are rarely diagnosed before the cancer has spread (1). This is the point! We need a clinical tool that allows doctors, in both underdeveloped and developing or developed countries, to recognize women either at ovarian cancer inherited real risk or, at least, involved by ovarian tumour in initial stage, primary prevention is based on.  In my well established clinical experience, Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics proved to be  reliable and useful bedside tool also in early detecting ovarian cancer, since its first stage, i.e., Ovarian Cancer Congenital Real Risk, mainly overlooked by physicians around the world, in individuals obviously showing Oncological Terrain, as well as OT-Dependent Inherited Real Risk of ovarian cancer (1) (website,, Oncological Terrain).
In healthy woman, lying down on  supine position, psycho-physically relaxed, and with open eyes to reduce endogenous melatonin secretion, lasting hand pressure on X  thoracic dermatomere, at the lower region of  right or left iliac fossa, i.e., ovarian trigger-points, brings about aspecific gastric reflex (= stomach fundus and body dilate, while antral-pyloric region contracts), after a latency time of exactly 8 sec. (For further technical, easy information, see my website, Technicap Page N° 1) The reflex lasts physiologically “less” than 4 sec., indicating normal Microcirculatory Functional Reserve; this is a really a paramount parameter value, since it parallels fractal dimension of related microvessell fluctuations, analized as ureteral reflex oscillation, more difficult to assess. Afterwards reflex disappears for > 3 < 4 sec. corrisponding precisely to fractal dimension of local microvessell fluctuation, corroborating the interne coherence of the theory. On the contrary, in every ovarian cancer, since its earliest stage, i.e., inherited, Oncological Terrain-dependent, ovarian cancer Inherited Real Risk, latency time is £ 8 sec. (NN = 8 sec.), but reflex duration interestingly lasts ³ 4 sec. (NN  > 3 < 4 sec.), in relation to severity of underlying disorder, i.e., oncological inherited real risk or ovarian cancer, and finally stomach contracts "pathologically": typical tonic Gastric Contraction (tGC), physiologically absent. These parameter values parallel ovarian microcirculatory abnormalities, so-called “microcirculatory remodelling”, characterised by newborn-pathological, type I, subtype a), oncological, Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices, I discovered (2-10). More precisely speaking, reflex latency time becomes shorter than the normal 8 sec. in  inverse relation  to the tumour stage. In addition, in day-to-day practice, biophysical semeiotic “ovarian preconditioning” is very useful and reliable: exactly 5 sec. after the basal, initial manoeuvre, when ovarian Microcirculatory Functional Reserve is activated, doctor performs the described test a second time: in health, where tGC. is always absent, all parameters values improve in a clear-cut manner, latency time raising to 16 sec.On the contrary, they either persist unchanged or increase not significantly in relation to the severity of ovarian, inherited cancer “inherited real risk”. Finally latency time lowers significantly in case of overt ovarian cancer, since initial stages of its evolution. Such as sign, easy to perform and reliable at the bed-side, is really useful in both ovarian cancer clinical screening and diagnosis, among a large variety of other remarkable biophysical-semeiotic signs. In addition, as I described previously (2-10), malignancies occur on the base of a genetically transmitted mitochondrial cytopathology, I named Congenital Acidosic Enzyme-Metabolic Histangiopathy, conditio sine qua non of Oncological Terrain. Such as inherited abnormalities of psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological system is mainly transmitted by mother. Therefore, it is non-sense, or at least uselessly expensive, for instance, to ask if patient’s  mother is, or was, involved by ovarian cancer, as well as assess oncological biomarkers and newly discovered mutated genes level in women (and men, of course!) without Oncological Terrain and/or whatever Cancer Real Risk.

Sergio Stagnaro


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