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A study on immunomodulatory mechanism of Polysaccharopeptide mediated by TLR4 signaling pathway
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaBackground:Polysaccharopeptide (PSP), isolated from Coriolus versicolor COV-1 strain, is a protein-bound polysaccharide widely used as immunoadjuvant for cancer immunotherapy. Although the immunomodulatory activity of PSP has been well established, ... ...
The effect of immunological status, <it>in-vitro</it> treatment and culture time on expression of eleven candidate reference genes in bovine blood mononuclear cells
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaBackground:Technical feasibility of RNA quantification by real time RT-PCR has led to enormous utilization of this method. However, real time PCR results need to be normalized due to the high sensitivity of the method and also to eliminate technical ... ...
Immunogenicity of infectious pathogens and vaccine antigens
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaThe concept of the immunogenicity of an antigen is frequently encountered in the context of vaccine development, an area of intense interest currently due to the emergence or re-emergence of infectious pathogens with the potential for worldwide sprea ... ...
Perianal Crohn's disease and hidradenitis suppurativa: a possible common immunological scenario
Scritto da Clinical and Molecular Allergy   
AllergologiaBackground:Crohn?s disease (CD) and Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) are both chronic inflammatory diseases. The pathogenesis of these diseases is multifactorial, due to the interaction of genetic and environmental factors leading to a deregulated loca ... ...
Engineered metal based nanoparticles and innate immunity
Scritto da Clinical and Molecular Allergy   
AllergologiaAlmost all people in developed countries are exposed to metal nanoparticles (MeNPs) that are used in a large number of applications including medical (for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes). Once inside the body, absorbed by inhalation, contact, in ... ...
Erratum: Prevalence of positive atopy patch test in an unselected pediatric population
Scritto da Clinical and Molecular Allergy   
AllergologiaNo description available ... ...
Prevalence of perennial severe allergic asthma in Italy and effectiveness of omalizumab in its management: PROXIMA &#8211; an observational, 2 phase, patient reported outcomes study
Scritto da Clinical and Molecular Allergy   
AllergologiaBackground:We designed the PROXIMA study (Patient-Reported Outcomes and Xolair ® In the Management of Asthma) to determine the proportion of patients with severe asthma sensitive to perennial allergens, and ... ...
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